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Guitar lessons Seoul: Music studies and consulting available

for electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar

drums & percussion, keys and music production.

Ages from 10 years and up. One on one direct learning study

from beginners to advanced music studies. Music styles

and generes range from pop music, to folk, blues to rock,

funk and jazz. Band mentoring is also available for young

musical groups, and consulting in live music recording.

Studies and consulting are based on many years as an active

studio session musician and artist for major recording

companies and studios.

Guitar Lessons Seoul Lance Reegan-Diehl

Contact directly for more information about location,

specific studies and rates.

Clients range from private and international schools

located around Seoul, to Embassy clientele and

international business corporations.

All studies and consulting are in English language only.

We offer a higher level, one on one study of music,

tailored to our client's tastes.

Guitar Lessons Seoul Lance Reegan-Diehl

Begin your musical journey today. Whether it be your

favorite song you want to learn,

or you really want to know how to master an instrument.

Learn from a professional studio player, and recorded artist

right here, right now during your stay in Seoul Korea.

Start learning and make your appointment today:

Email: sales (at) deeleebob (dot) com


Clinic and concert situation for schools, Events, Promotions.

Private Music Study appearance fee's and rates available.

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